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Parallel Profits Review – Can You Build A Great Business With Aidan Booth?

Parallel Profits Review – Can You Build A Great Business With Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton? Does Parallel Profits Really Works? What Is Parallel Profits All About? Is Parallel Profits Right For You? Read My Best Parallel Profits Review and Discover How to Make your First $100K this year!

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How To Turn Your Business Idea Into a Startup Company?

Many people have ideas for projects that may be promising in the Arab world, but a few of them are actually trying to implement his ideas and fewer of them can turn his idea into a project and then into a viable company.

I will mention 10 tips in this article that will help you turn your business idea into an Startup company:

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1. Take a long breath

There is no quick success without serious work, and the stories that media reports about entrepreneurs become millionaires between day and night are often inaccurate and do not remember the whole truth. If I want to launch an emerging company I know that the road is not short and the possibility of failure is very likely, especially in our Arab world.

What needs two years to succeed in foreign countries may need twice as long or more Arab, and unless you are ready to work hard for years without a continuous payback Vll tired yourself from the start and does not launch an emerging company.

2. Know the market, your customers and how you will make a profit?

I do not mean to waste time on work plans and feasibility studies because in fact no one knows the future and it is almost impossible for a nascent company to have a fixed position. In an Arab market, it is also not fixed how many customers will get,

When you start with your emerging company, know the size of the market, who you are willing to pay for and what solutions you are currently using (if any) and on the basis of that start-up. Often, the market will not be clear until after the launch of the company and the beginning of actual communication with potential customers and offer the product to them so be prepared to accept the truth and make a change in the product, prices, the system of profit … if necessary.

3. Do not look for investors, look for customers

Many entrepreneurs think that his project will not succeed without an investor and this is not true if there is a real profit system for what it offers. There are many successful companies started without any investment and continued success without it and when he entered the investor was intended to expand and spread. For example, in the last two years we have been communicating with potential customers rather than sending out letters to investors. Now we put the best and the clients are the company’s financiers and pay the operating costs and not the investors.

Later, if you decide to get an investment and sit with you and the investor at one table, your position in the negotiation and valuation company will vary greatly whether your project is just an idea or has not sold anything yet.

4. Hire an enthusiastic team for what they do

How will the team be excited about what it is doing? Simply tell them what prompted you to launch the company and then the goal should not be to achieve millions, but something bigger than you personally and bigger than the company itself, something that forces you to leave everything you do and continue to work. For example, our goal in Hassoub is to develop the Arab web and to join our team did not say I want any work because I need work and did not ask me what is the salary even. All those who work in Hassoub said, “We want to join together to contribute to the development of the Arab Web, which is the goal that was set for Hassoub.

The road as I said is not going to be easy. When I get up early in the morning or when the team stays up until dawn, this is not for salary, not for me, not for an obscure company, but for a clearer goal than all of us is to develop the Arab Web.

5. Interested in marketing and customer service

Especially the first ones. Good marketing can be the reason for the success of any product, even if the product is not the best in the market, but the reverse is not true, the best product in the market will fail if not marketed correctly or if users do not know about it.

Getting first customers is always hard and you need more time to reach them. Getting to the first 1000 or even the first 100 is far more difficult than reaching the second or third thousand users, so try to take care of customer service well and make it essential to take advantage of your competition. Technical support from the most difficult, especially when the number of customers and staff grows, continued with the technical support team permanently and you took the task of responding to customers from time to time.

6. Select the target and search for the route

Some people look at their tools or experiences and then determine the goal they want to reach. Personally, I think that Murr should be a Macocaste, especially in the leadership of the workers, and the fact that I learned this from the field of penetration test that I did. First select the goal you want to reach and then find (or create) the path that will connect you to this goal, not vice versa. Often you will not know the way or what you will need to reach your goal but research, experience and insistence inevitably will connect.

7. Launch the project and continue development

Launch your project once its basic features have been completed. There is nothing complete. Some problems may arise at first but nothing is wrong, the project is still emerging and often the early users will understand it. After the launch, listen to the customers and continue to develop the project first, the user needs to know that the product is supported and the development of the permanent and meet the needs better and this will give him more confidence to use it. Second, over time you will discover a lot of missing things that the user needed and did not think of you. Knowing these missing things from users is far better than expected and wasting time developing features and features that the user may not actually need but make it difficult to use the product.

8. Do not do all that users ask

Listening to user opinions is good, doing whatever they ask is not. The reason is that every user wants something different and wants to have some advantage and customize the site according to his own needs, for example. Adding what each user needs at first glance may seem good, but on the other hand, it will make the project more complex and difficult to develop and manage. There is no one who likes to use complex products so keep the content simple and as long as the product meets the needs of 80% of the users focused on these 80% and do not get preoccupied with 20% is often the category that complain a lot and not the real customer for you. Over the past two years, we have received hundreds of suggestions, implemented by users, and we have left the rest. This has kept our services easy to use and most users are happy to use them.

9. Find guides for you

The mentor is an entrepreneur who started a startup company before and succeeded. Having this experience before you means that he has more experience and knows the difficulty of launching an emerging company and most of them will have a desire to help other workers’ pioneers to allow his time. The help may be significant, including some tips and instructions that will save you a lot of time and errors.

The guide is also very useful in relationships and by introducing you to people who help you in your work or even potential clients. A mentor may be someone who has launched a company that is similar to your company and has communicated with it or even one of your first customers who has seen what you are doing and wants to help you.

10. Strengthen your relationships and identify other entrepreneurs

The business world means relationships, you may discover recently, but that is the reality. Entrepreneurs are now the future business people so try to get to know them now and the things they work on and then try to help them if you can, you may not get anything in return and this should not be your goal primarily but when you help others at a time they can not provide Something in return for you will come today and someone else will help you at a time when you can not offer anything in return for him.

Some books I recommend reading:

• Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek
• Anything You Want – Derek Sivers
• Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose – Tony Hsieh
• ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever – David Heinemeier Hansson, Jason Fried
• How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
• The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses – Eric Ries