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The Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast In 2017

Many people suffering from obesity or even overweight or topical obesity, and most suffer from the inability to lose weight, even with the use of many of the harsh 2 Week Diet Review sometimes, and some of them feel despair and stop it, and here we will give some very important tips to protect against obesity, and start a new life properly.

Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast

In the beginning we will give important tips and glorious must be taken into account by, namely:

Water: the most important food item in the weight loss process, the individual must eat 12 cups of water a day; for protection from drought, and work to burn fat, and get rid of the present in the body fluids.

Seasoning: Many of us believed that the spice reduces weight, it is harmless and quite useful, but this is not true at all; because the spice has many negatives, working on weight gain.

Stay away from mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and so on, because a tablespoon of ketchup equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar and mustard in spite of the presence of sodium is important for the human body element, but it has a fat and calories the body hurt dramatically.

Fast Food: Many of us believe that the fast food is healthy meals like chicken sandwich or eating a bar of Simulators, or eating skinless and grilled chicken, for example, all of this is a misconception, these meals are unhealthy; they contain bread and biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, and many types of sauces filled with spices.

Eat bread: Eating bread either wheat bread or white bread, it is no different, and is equivalent to that we eat sugar, but it does not cover all types of bread and so be sure of a place to buy bread, or prepare ourselves at home.

Fiber: you should eat meals and foods that contain fiber, such as vegetables; they reduce the level of sugar in the blood, and is working to lose weight faster as possible.

Insulin: A hormone produced by the pancreas, we must control the rate of insulin in our bodies, and insulin is also called (fat storage hormone), the secretion of insulin after every meal increases, and this proportion of fat increases the body, and if we have reduced calories, and sugars in our diets, yoga burn zoe bray cotton works on burned, and do not store anything in the body.

Keep the body in a state of nutritional balance: acclimate the body to a certain value of calories, to slow LOSS body process, and is also working to stop losing weight altogether, and the solution is to change the calorie level in our daily meals, and to clarify that we will give an example: he must we take and a great breakfast, and we take lunch medium, and small dinner meal, and this may be changed in calories, and the next day are also working on the change for the first day.

These are a few tips to help weight loss well, and we did not want to give special diets; because everyone knows, and followed, but many of us are unaware of this very important tips in his life.

The easiest ways to lose weight

The easiest ways to lose weight are those indirect clear that Tsoukna to the desired goal without being tainted by misguided ideas, and with the proliferation of different diets and promote the many false weight-loss methods, we can say with confidence that the easiest way to lose weight are those health based approach to assess the nutritional status current full by dietician assessment, identify errors, and then begin to address gradually, where it should be based treatment of obesity and overweight on gradual change in lifestyle, must combines integrated health diet, and balanced, and diverse, and temperate, and that control the calories and give enough of all the essential nutrients for the body (3).

In order for a person to feel that easy losing weight should not be starting a large number of changes at once and setting goals is logical, but it should gradually develop a plan for long term work changes and entered into the daily lifestyle (3).

Determine the health of the body weight

Any person interested in the weight of his body so as not up to the weight of conflicts with his health, and there are many standards that have been developed to assess body weight and, unfortunately, seen a lot of people to keep us informed media about body image too skinny as a perfect body and the dream that everyone wants access him, especially women, and unfortunately this image affect the satisfaction a lot of people about their weight even if they are within the normal weight or even below normal.

This photo also particularly affects children and adolescents, and lead to many wrong actions with respect to diet and body weight, such as diets that rely on extreme deprivation, hunger and abuse of drugs slimming pills blazing fat, which negatively affects their health. Given the criteria used for the selection of fashion models and beauty queens who consider them a lot of people a measure of ideal weight, we find that their weight has decreased over the years (2), have arrived at the present time to weights less than normal often (4), which also contrary to the health, where the body becomes when it is in the weight of lower than normal are less able to resist diseases, especially those that included malnutrition, such as cancer, and women with weights below the natural vulnerable to a defect in irregular menstrual cycle and the inability to reproduce, it can also be adversely affected by the health of the baby if the mother’s weight less than normal when during pregnancy is associated with less weight than normal osteoporosis and high fracture rate.

Therefore it must be self-acceptance and not to be affected are the ideal weight is transmitted by our media, as you must know that the definition of the ideal weight is not fixed, but is variable over time and from one society to another, as some communities assess Beauty overweight, and that the definition of the ideal weight does not normally it is determined standard of the impact of weight on health, but other criteria, so it should not adopt the ideal weight that is being portrayed to us by the media and society as a goal or motivation to lose weight, but you should always look at the health and relationship with our weight out and how it affects them, and make them the primary goal we are losing weight and making changes in the pattern of our lives for him.

Are assessed body weight and associated health and not the shape using the body mass index (BMI), which is calculated from the following equation: body mass index = weight (kg) / height square (m²) (2).