Think About The Risks Of Crises

Think About The Risks Of Crises Has changed a lot of risk behavior and responsiveness to market views since the beginning of the beginning of the global financial crisis, while it does not seem that the main prevention measures did not provide additional thing seems to predict the risks became unavailing, and companies face managing acceptable risk challenges, and in his Omnia Investments APP Review discusses, a professor of science Finance and banking at the College of Business (IMD)) Switzerland (best practices for companies that used during the crisis to face the risks and seize the opportunities.
Uses valuable danger kept thinking of a future office and reports of the danger that is used to put the board members to sleep, is no longer the case, it has increased concern on the impact of the risk a huge increase, and gained those companies that have developed special skills and which has a flexible and nimble in receipt of risks is an important feature.

We find that the best practices are limited to four dimensions are:

Examination of physical health _ why we are going for?

Examination Mental Health – Can we put our hands on the right problems?

Strategic examination – Are we doing the right moves?

Examination of control – Are we enough awareness continuous Palmkhtr?
Perhaps it governs the lack of any of these dimensions of the company failing or non-implementation, and when times were stable, this is often not noticed, though, so the denial is no longer acceptable today, become the funds are scarce and dwindling supply Fund strongly and become more difficult competition, however, and even under the current circumstances, and will some kills well, despite all the benefits, it will be the work of wealth, but to achieve this, it is important that Omnia Investment companies must focus on all four dimensions that ensure awareness of the danger.

Daily Trading

Daily Trading

Health screening: technical risks

First and foremost, the physical health examination is necessary, and now should be on every company should be aware of where she is damaged and, ideally, you will also be aware of where it came from complaints customers and suppliers, and in spite of the existence of the economic crisis, but some companies still seem at a loss when faced with difficulties, however, we need Epeshkla urgent to open our minds to understand the new risks and prepare ourselves to them, and Inma even good preparation can never prevent the risk entirely, but it helps organizations rapid and diligent to interact with danger.

May come threats and opportunities from several different and unexpected sources, for example, has contradicted a large the traditional view of the banks about the danger the survival of the market, credit or operations, and suddenly gathered became risk complicating interdependent and connected, and directs capital and the disruption of markets and the volatility of all values ​​boost display and one to the side of the creditor and the side-by-market operations and banks, and therefore we can not rely on the old estimate must be reviewed Khtttna, and for that we propose four operations the following steps in order to excel at the technical risk.

1. Identify your risk.

Risk identification is very htm to make you follow the approach climb from the bottom to the top, and often reduces your employees – whether

It was one person or one department – the big picture, and despite the fact that the views of senior management should be developed

Ahead of the summit approaches, which amounts to the bottom through open lines of communication in the company.

One of the well-known companies and start when the danger was told their board of directors has decided to conduct a comprehensive survey comprised

Most of the Omnia APP workers, after the data collection Council has told their findings: In most of the staff was evaluating

Commitment (VAT) estimated constantly alarming high impact, which nonetheless reverse effect, and perhaps lead


That it has been found by workers survey to biased results if they were to leave the viewpoint of senior management completely, however, remains unchanged summit approaches, the bottom and listen to different viewpoints important as the following example illustrates: in April 2007 told the dealer in the (UBS) about the existence of difficulties in products designed a sub-boss John Costas, the difficulties may be in a run by John Costa, a strong signal to the senior management’s (UBS), was head of the office recognize the signs and closed Costas device and incorporated into the investment Bank’s (UBS) with weak risk identification, and the results they talk with themselves.

Perhaps the old ways need to identify risk to the audit, and in this medium proves re-think we are beginning to take a grant (such as bank deposits) which may become the essence.

2. assess your risk

After identifying risks, the risk assessment is crucial to a better understanding of potential scenarios, and it seems impossible for a good analysis of the risk factor by definition they carry the unknown, and so the role of such assessments help the growth of awareness and develop a common language that can be used in communication and expectation.

And a lot of tools available to assess the risks, and recommended to use multiple tools for large investments or in sensitive areas, and sensitivity analyzes (graphs of Hurricane repressive or graphs spider) and scenarios and Monte Carlo simulation, all useful addition to the actual valuation carried out by such as those people Almqarbin of risk factors, The goal is not to increase the paper work, but to create awareness of the impact of the real danger.

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Think About The Risks Of Crises
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